Success Stories & Endorsements

Client Wins $100,000 In Damages Against Encroaching Neighbor

Neighbor’s home was constructed over the property line and encroached onto Client’s property. Client demanded removal of the structure or payment of damages. Result: SLF negotiates a settlement for payment of $100,000 to Client.

Client Collects Full Amount Of Liquidated Damages Deposit From Defaulting Buyer

Client entered into contract to sell residential property to buyer. Parties agreed to a 3% liquidated damages provision. Buyer waived all contingencies but failed to close, claiming delays in getting financing. Buyer refused to cancel the contract, refused to release the deposit and refused to mediate. Result: SLF filed and served buyer with complaint in arbitration. Buyer conceded and signed escrow instruction releasing all deposited funds to Client without the need for arbitration.

Client Wins $4.5 Million Settlement Of Real Estate Development Dispute

Client sold 16 acres in Mountain View to a real estate developer who agreed to share development profits with the client. When the real estate market dropped, the developer formed a new partnership that refinanced and then developed the project. The new partnership made significant profits but claimed the client’s partnership made no money. Result: Case went to trial and judge ruled the client was entitled to 25% of the profits. The case settled after trial for $4.5 million paid to our client.

Client Wins Dismissal Of Case Alleging Environmental Contamination From Leaking

Underground Storage Tank And Client Wins Judgment For Its Attorney Fees

Underground storage tanks were discovered to have leaked gasoline containing MTBE into the soil and groundwater. Tank installer and pipe manufacturer sued our Client for indemnity, alleging the Client had contributed to the environmental contamination. Client faced potential exposure for a portion of the $4 million cleanup cost. Result: Case went to trial. Client defeated the cross complaint and won an award for its attorney fees incurred.

Client Wins Construction Defect Case Against Contractor And Recovers All Attorney Fees

Client hired a general contractor for construction project. Contractor completed the work but sight lines were slightly crooked. Client sued. Contractor defending claiming the work was performed in a reasonably workmanlike manner per the contract and that perfection was not required. Result: Case went to trial. Court awarded Client the full amount of damages to repair the defective work plus all of client’s attorney fees.

Client Wins The Full Amount Of Client’s Residential Development Fees

After ownership of a residential real estate development project had changed hands several times the project was finally completed but development fees allegedly remained unpaid by the developer. The various owners and developers claimed the other was responsible. Result: Within days after we filed a complaint against all responsible parties, we convened a mediation and successfully negotiated to receive payment for the full $206,000 in unpaid fees. Client recovered full value and avoided the delays and legal fees it would have incurred through litigation.

Client Wins Dismissal Of Lawsuit For Alleged Violation Of Building Code Procedures

A property owner sued our Client, all if its council members and key employees under multiple legal theories for the Client’s handling of a building permit after the Client issued a stop work notice and the property owner refused to comply. Plaintiff made an inflated claim for $50 million in damages. Result: SLF filed demurrers to each of three different complaints filed by Plaintiff and won each demurrer, the last of which was sustained without leave to amend and the case was dismissed.


“How your firm has helped me (unsolicited recommendation):

Just to give you background: nothing has stressed me out more than my debts and my mortgage payments the past 2 years. I felt I couldn’t sell my house, because it was “underwater”. I felt stuck. I talked with real estate agents about doing a short sale, but I didn’t know if it was right for me.

After talking with you guys, I knew what I needed to do. I went ahead with an investor with my real estate agents to do a short sale. I haven’t spent any money on anything I didn’t have to (because your firm told me exactly what was in my best interest to pay, etc). So, while the short sale process has been going through, I’ve just been paying off my credit card debt.
In just a few months, I’ve paid down over 10,000 in credit card debt (at 25% APR). That reduces the interest penalties for all my debt by half. It’s completely turned my life around.

“Mark, I was glad to send folks to you, as you assisted me in making some tough decisions regarding my property. I will make an appointment for you to review all the sale documents, to minimize any future obligations to the banks.” J.W. “Mark, I just heard that we have reached a desirable resolution that has saved my life. I just want to say thank you very much for being the fabulous litigator that you are. I am so relieved, you just do not know! You have really done a fantastic job for me. Thank you very, very much!” GC “We appreciated the way the matter was handled. Although we were prepared to go to arbitration or court if we were left with no other choice, we hoped for a more amicable resolution, which we believe we got at the end with the settlement agreement. Thank you for always answering all our questions, returning calls promptly and especially for the legal advice to determine the next steps throughout the case.” A.S. “Thanks again for a great job on this case. We appreciate your assertive approach to this matter.” B.C. “An excellent result. Thanks for the good work in defense of [client].” D.B. “Thanks for your help in this. Sounds like we have a very happy client.” T.T. “Explored every legal option. I appreciate that!” H.T. “I chose to recommend you because of (1) your responsiveness, (2) your proactive approach in calling me to remind me of upcoming decisions to be made and (3) your strategic thinking. Thank you for your good service.” D.W. “Yes I did pick up the check. Thank you for your outstanding work on our case. It was a pleasure to work with you too. You gave us realistic expectations and then you surpassed them because of the phenomenal job you did. K and I both felt you gave us great solid advice from the start. I believe we followed 99% of your suggestions, and boy are we glad we did. I could tell you were always well prepared and it showed. You ran circles around the other attorney and it sure was a great feeling to be sitting next to you in court. Thank you again Mark.” C.A. “H. and I are very happy to know you and have your help on our case. You have released so much pressure on our life. Your work is excellent. We really appreciated your efforts. If you ever need a reference, we are more than happy to talk to anyone.” D.S. “Attended the trial this morning and defense counsel Mark Strombotne gave an excellent closing argument.” J.T. “Thank YOU for your diligence in pursuing this to a great outcome. And thanks for keeping me out of court, I hate that!” R.B. “I just got off the phone with Mark Strombotne. The jury came back with a defense verdict this afternoon. Congratulations to Mark and his associate Bronwen Lacey on a great result! Thanks for all your hard work on this file.” N.H. “Mark – Congratulations on the verdict! You and Bronwen have our sincere thanks for the excellent work you did on our behalf. It has been a pleasure to work with you both and I look forward to doing so again in the future. Best Regards,” S.S. “Congratulations on a job well done! It is encouraging to see a professional like you that can make the system work. Thank you for your professional persistence.” J.I. “J. and I want to congratulate you on your brilliant job of defending us at the arbitration. No matter how it comes out, your performance was very dignified, eloquent, and beautifully prepared. Your summation was thoroughly enjoyed. You got to the heart of the case and drove it home. Thank you for a job well done.” P.R. “Thank you for all your hard work on what should have been a silly little case. I appreciate your follow-through and your patient, kind manner, even though you sometimes had to deal with a jerk! Thank you again.” S.G. “I know this may seem like a strange thing to do, but, I do appreciate the way you conducted this whole affair! You’ve earned all of the fee. You do good work and are a credit to your profession.” H.V. “I thought you did an excellent job ,and you know I do not provide compliments either disingenuously or without support.” S.P.